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In an attempt to encapsulate the essence of PRC, Quinton Tunoho - Our go-to man for culture development, developed Pūniu River Care’s core values. It was then put to the team where an enthusiastic response was both given and received.

Although essentially these values having been running PRC from the start, they were officially adopted in late 2017, developing a clear understanding of what we do and who we are….

We believe core values are essential to a successful organisation and/or individual where, once applied correctly, decisions become somewhat easier. It is but life to come across many challenging problems but the key to making the write decisions for your team and yourself is to keep your values close and try your best to stay true to them.

Developed from a karakia of growing and planting a tree from the seed to a well established rangatira, Our Values represent the stages and life of a plant…

Tupu te kakano, 

Tupu te taketake, 

Tupu te pihinga,

Tupu te mahuri, 

Tupu te rākau,

Ko au koe, ko koe ko au

Tīhei mauri ora


boosting a new life force into a sustainable world

Kakano - Literal translation is seed. This can also mean a provider of new growth. New growth means new life. We are also trying to clean up our rivers and our waterways. Water is life, or a life force. We as people, and everything breathing has a life force.


Keepers of our waterways, rivers, whanau and homes

Taketake – Is the root of all things growing. For the life of a tree to thrive, it needs a good root system and needs to be carefully nurtured from inception. This can also be reflected within the homes to where if we want the best for our younger ones, we must ensure they are grounded first and with the right caring and nurturing, we can ensure they will strive to be all they can be in a safe and healthy upbringing. We also do what we need to do to ensure we lead by example and show we can be guardians of our waterways, our families and homes.


Strategic relationships and empowering whanau

Pihinga – Is seedlings, and as seedlings come into the world, with it comes a colony of what ever spieces they are are. As we grow as people we find our selves surrounded by Whānau and then we find more Whānau. We find new relationships and make new friends and before we know it, we find ourselves in partnerships we might never have thought possible


To know your place in a sustainable world

Mahuri – Is a young tree at an adolescent stage of life. This is a stage of life where youth are trying to find them selves and where they think they can contribute to life. We also need to figure out some things in life and in what we do to be sure of why we do what we do and understand the significance of what you do in life is also understood by those in and around your ‘cirlce’


Self-determined to take the lead for a sustainable world

Rākau – Is the fully established tree that has stood its ground from the humble seed. A giant kauri tree that stands in awe is a sight of pride and power, and has an establishment of control and self governance. For people to become and feel the same as this rākau will only know that feeling when a challenge in front of them has been meet to the best of their ability. Whether it be buying food for the cupboards to buying their own home. Having the sense of ownership, knowing and understanding who you are and where you fit in in this world by being self governed will give you a sense of Rangatiratanga



This value was later introduced by Shannon and means “It is Life”. It is about celebrating life, acknowledging life and being grateful for the opportunities that arise. To PRC It is to give without receiving, to contribute with endless generosity and to nurture all that is life

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